Italy 2019: The Chronological Guide

One of the great things about blogs is that they automatically add the most recent post at the top. But that’s also a problem when you’re using a blog to tell a story: the natural way to tell a story is to start at the beginning. So, herewith, the chronological guide to 2019’s Lavezzi trip to Italy.

And a warning: it’s not over yet. I limited myself to posting one photo per day, but I brought back hundreds more–in fact, that was one of my goals on the trip. I plan to make a sort of online photo scrapbook, telling the story of the trip through its pictures. Bad news: I’d be surprised if it were done before January 1. But then, the pictures aren’t going anywhere; and for a while at least, neither am I.

Italy – The Chronological Guide

Most of our friends and relatives know that Noël and I went to Italy for two weeks in September. Through those days, I took lots of pictures and tried to keep a daily journal of our adventures and post it here. I’ve received lots of comments from people who have seen this blog.

This where the strengths of a blog can also be its weakness: a blog puts the most recent post at the top, and it’s pretty difficult to read an unfolding story backwards. So here is a chronological guide to my sixteen blog entries.