Italy 2019, preflight check

I’ll be heading to Italy tomorrow for a couple of weeks. Friends and family claim that they enjoy reading my travel notes, so consider this the teaser for a series of posts.

(It’s been six years since Noel and I made our first trip to Italy. If you’d like to see what we did then, you can find the story at In ways that will become clear, we expect this trip to be quite different from that one.

As we go through these adventures, you’ll be hearing about the rest of our party: son Robert and his wife Elizabeth; cousin John Lavezzi and his wife Elaine; and my sister Judy and her husband Lew Grothe. Judy is the main organizer of these expeditions, and Lew is her designated enabler.

Complicating this trip, our party has three different itineraries. Judy, Lew, John, and Elaine are already in Barcelona, Rob and Elizabeth are in Berlin, and I arrive in Milan on Saturday. We’ll meet up in Genoa on Sunday. We won’t be staying in any one place longer than three nights, but we will all be together for the central part of the trip from Sunday, September 22, to Monday, September 30. (We’ll get into just what that is in a future post.)

Photography and writing can turn vacation into work, and I am trying to avoid that. I’ll take my camera and laptop, but I plan to do some relaxing. I am going to try to limit myself to posting one iconic photo each day and providing enough context to make sense of the day. Eventually–probably after returning home–I’ll revisit, revise, and extend the blog postings, and post an album of the choicest photos.

I invite you to check back here as the trip unfolds.

About the photo: This was our group in 2013, in Vico Lavezzi. Some families have a highway named after them; we have a “vico,”which is a “little way”–sort of an alley–in Genoa.

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