One-Week Change of Focus

Obviously, educators should educate, and State Board of Education members have an opportunity to educate the community, lawmakers, and each other. That’s a focus that I plan to bring to my work as a State Board of Education member. I’m going to share here an interesting resource that I recently discovered.

The prominent education publication Education Week has prepared a series of “Five Facts to Know” articles about six prominent candidates for President. Yes, the office I’m running for is a state office, not a federal one; but both state and local officials will tell you that federal policy influences our schools and our kids every day. Despite the emphasis the campaigns have put on other issues, I think that readers of these messages will be interested in seeing where the Presidential candidates stand on education.

Following, in nonpartisan alphabetical order, are links to Education Week‘s “Five Facts” articles about two prominent Democrats and four prominent Republicans. I invite you to draw your own conclusions. (Free registration required, and a limit of three articles a month–choose wisely.)

Ohio’s primary isn’t for another five weeks, but with New Hampshire this week I thought I should share it now; next week I’ll return to my own campaign.

This post originally appeared on the website of my 2016 campaign for State Board of Education,

Author: StgCoach

Retired teacher and public education leader. Pastoral musician, community activist, parliamentarian, and photographer.