Thoughts upon Leaving New Orleans

I’ve just returned from nine days on the road attending the National Education Association Annual Meeting, which was held this year in New Orleans. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, or you have no idea what on earth the RA is or why it matters, I suggest you take a look at the first few paragraphs of my comments on last year’s RA in San Diego.

Full disclosure: I work for an NEA affiliate, and as part of my work there I post a daily journal from the host city, typically covering the last six days of the Annual Meeting, including the four-day Representative Assembly. While I hope that the journal is valuable for my members and delegates, I attempt to confine it to observations and leave my own personal opinions or reactions out of it. If my members and delegates want to write their own comments and have those comments appear on the blog, they can put them there; but my opinions there would likely to be seen either as official positions of NEOEA or as an attempt to misrepresent my opinions as NEOEA’s official positions.
So, like RMN, “just let me say this about that”: Nothing I write in the “Oh, Contrarian” blog is the official position of anybody but me. (Should it be? Obviously.) I’ve linked to the NEOEA blog above, but it’s not reciprocal: it doesn’t contain any link to this one.
So where are the opinions? They’ll be expressed in future postings. If you’ve received this message in an email, don’t expect that I’m going to be emailing to scads of people every time I post something here. (Bulk mail filters start to get activated when you do that.) Just stop back here from time to time.
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