Italy 2019: The Chronological Guide

One of the great things about blogs is that they automatically add the most recent post at the top. But that’s also a problem when you’re using a blog to tell a story: the natural way to tell a story is to start at the beginning. So, herewith, the chronological guide to 2019’s Lavezzi trip to Italy.

And a warning: it’s not over yet. I limited myself to posting one photo per day, but I brought back hundreds more–in fact, that was one of my goals on the trip. I plan to make a sort of online photo scrapbook, telling the story of the trip through its pictures. Bad news: I’d be surprised if it were done before January 1. But then, the pictures aren’t going anywhere; and for a while at least, neither am I.

Rev. Dr. Lou Pecek, 1931-2019

This morning, Lynn and I attended the funeral of Rev. Dr. Louis G. Pecek. Since learning of Lou’s death earlier this week, I have been thinking about him a lot. He was probably the greatest single influence on my teaching career.

When I met him, his title was just “Doctor,” chairing the English Department during my years as an undergraduate and graduate student at John Carroll University. He added the “Reverend” later when he was ordained as one of the first married deacons in the Cleveland Catholic diocese.

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