Who Votes in District 11?

Each State Board of Education district includes three Senate districts; SBOE District 11 includes Senate District 21, 23, and 25.

To find out whether you live in one of these three Senate districts, you can use one of the many lookup sites out there.

  • The one I prefer is OEA’s legislative lookup page. It will provide you with your Senate District and plenty of other information. If you don’t know your nine-digit ZIP code, it will take you to a window where you enter your street address.
  • The Ohio Senate’s lookup page is prettier, and it too will provide you with your Senate district, but you’ll need to have your nine-digit ZIP code.

In addition, I have posted a page that lists the municipalities and school districts that comprise the district. Because legislative districts sometimes cut right through towns and school districts, this method isn’t as foolproof as the lookups above.

If you live in District 11, I appreciate both your support and your vote. If you don’t, I’ll still appreciate your support!