The First Day of . . .

Many who will read this page know that I retired yesterday. My retirement from NEOEA was a “long goodbye,” and over the past year many have asked the question that retirees hear so often: “What are your plans?”

I haven’t really had an answer, but I do have some guesses. I have been fortunate to have a wide variety of interests, and they have always competed with each other. So within the next month or so I’ll begin to see what I enjoy the most and what I miss the most, and that should give me some direction.

At the heart of my expectations would be family and friends: enjoying our children and grandchildren, doing further genealogy exploration, and reconnecting with friends I’ve been too busy to see.

I will continue to play and sing the music that has always been such a joy to me. I’m looking forward to mastering the “retirement camera” I bought a couple of weeks ago. I have plenty of things to work on in our house and my workshop. I need to read more, write more, cook more, see some movies, and attend some concerts. I continue to care about the state of society and especially our responsibility to educate future generations. I plan to start paying attention to my health.

And I’ve been preparing this website. My friend Dan Dyer is perhaps my biggest role model: his “Dawn Reader” blog provides an excellent example of retirement energy well-spent online.

As Dag Hammerskj√∂ld wrote (Markings, 1864): “For all that has been–thanks. For all that will be–yes.”

11 thoughts on “The First Day of . . .”

  1. Congratulations my friend. You deserve this. I know that you will never be bored nor will you lack things to keep you busy. When people tell you that retirement isn’t what it’s cracked up to be , they’re wrong,,,It is ! Enjoy the next chapter in your life !

  2. Why don’t you bring that new camera down to the lovely desert southwest? October is beautiful, and we’ll show you a good time. Congratulations, Uncle Bill!

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